In case you are not aware, Anjali Fong Photography also provide business headshot services. Prior to the shoot, I learn about what you do and then we work together to decide what shots work best to your current /potential clients. Here are some of the gorgeous looking leaders in my local networking group.

Angela Phebus, Small Business Marketing Guru.


Amy Thomas, Executive Director of Ripley County Chamber of Commerce.


Bob Morrison, Bob Morrison Marketing.


Charity & Logan Wilder, owners of Crystal Clear Window Cleaners.


Tonya George, Health Centered Chiropractic.


If you are in business and are in need for a new set of contemporary, professional headshots, please contact me to book a session.

Hi! Welcome to my new blogsite! It’s been my labor of love for the past week to make it more user and reader friendly.

In celebration of love on this Valentine’s Day, I’m very proud to showcase this gorgeous couple who used to be my next door neighbor – Bob and Mary Margaret Clegg. The Cleggs are in their charming 80’s and got married in a private ceremony in December 2011. It was so private that even I, as the next door neighbor, was oblivious to it! LOL. So this photography session was a belated wedding gift.

A little bit about their love story – they had known each other since high school and have had double dates with their previous spouses. After being widowed for several years, they reconnected when Bob moved back to Madison from Mississippi. Over the course of about a year, Bob took care of Mary Margaret when she was recovering from her knee surgery, lovingly attended to her beck and call. Thereafter, their friendship blossomed. It only made sense for them to take the next step into marriage…because the love they have is real stuff – the kind that values the traditional vows of marriage. “I’m very lucky,” Mary Margaret would always say. Bob insists otherwise; that he’s the one who’s lucky. I think they are both lucky to find each other.

They are a great testament that you can find REAL love at any age. When God finally sends you the right person, you will know it in your heart.

Have a great Valentine’s Day!


I have a sweet spot for loving couples whose love has stood the test of time. If you are celebrating your 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversary, I’d love to capture your love story. Or maybe you’d like to gift a session to someone celebrating an upcoming anniversary, feel free to contact me for anniversary specials!

Early in the month, my hubs and I took a short trip to Michigan, specifically Holland and Grand Rapids. We stayed with our host, Lisa and her well-mannered and well-traveled family in Grand Rapids. We were also introduced to our co-host, Cobre, which is Copper in Spanish. His breed is a Vizsla, also known as the Hungarian Pointer. And he is definitely all that Lisa described him as – an extremely friendly, mellow and laid-back dog. Very well-mannered too, I must add.

So here is Cobre, laid down on the sofa on a chilly Friday morning, minding his own business, getting his mellowness tested with my lens constantly on his face clicking away with the frequent instruction, “Look here!” Anyway, the session worked out well and Lisa loved all the shots. Goody.

Paw to the camera = “Ok. Enough already.” in Vizsla.