Last June, I had the honor to second shoot Patric and Jessica’s wedding in historic Madison, Indiana for Nina Campbell Photography. This has to be one of the most fun and emotion-filled wedding I’ve been to. And I must mention, very good looking bridesmaids and groomsmen, befitting the gorgeous wedded couple.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0053 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0054 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0052 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0005

This bride thought of every small details. Check out the earring!

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0056 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0006

The arrival of the flower girl added some cuteness overload to the salon.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0049 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0050 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0010 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0011 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0012 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0013 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0014 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0015 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0016 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0017 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0018 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0019 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0020 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0021 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0022 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0023 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0024

The grandfather’s reaction to seeing Jessica in her bridal gown was just priceless!

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0025 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0026 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0027 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0028 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0029 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0030 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0055 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0032 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0031 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0034 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0035 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0036 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0037 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0051 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0039 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0040 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0041

Patric and Jessica love to dance and entertain. Can you tell? Haha.


Jessica sharing a dance with her grandpa, thereafter it was the grandparents’ romantic dance, celebrating their anniversary. I have a grand weakness for old couples who stood the test of time.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0042 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0043 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0044 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0045 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0046 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0047 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0048

Primary shooter – Nina Campbell Photography
DJ – Sound Specialist FJ Entertainment
Ceremony – Calgary Baptist Church
Reception – The Madison Township Firehouse

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 2:07 AM

    Brian - great shots. looks like everyone had a great day. Congrats to the happy couple

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 3:51 AM

    Katie Brockpahler - Gorgeous! I love your attention to detail!! I am sure this couple was thrilled with their wedding photos!!

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 4:22 AM

    Patricia Knight - Congrats to Patric & Jessica! What a wonderful collection of images from their special day. Something to be treasured for a lifetime.

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 6:59 AM

    Lauren w - I think you captured every emotion! Great job!

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 10:36 AM

    Gary - Great pictures! You did a great job capturing the moment!

I love elderly senior portraits and head shots of people that I admire. Here’s Gene and Janice from my neighborhood who were among the first few who welcomed me in this town and continue to be wonderful friends over the years. Michael_SocialMediaFiles_0003 Michael_SocialMediaFiles_0002

“I’ll keep you in my heart, until we meet again.” – Cadir Lampe

Heaven opened its pearly gates this morning to welcome the arrival of a new angel, by the name of Marjorie Rose Olds.

Marge was one of the four “Golden Girls” that lived across the street from me. She lived alone as she was preceded in death by her husband and two children.

From the very beginning of my residency in Versailles, she welcomed me with her big heart and sincere friendship. In return, I would bake her cookies and share many dinners. Those gestures gave me enough excuse to check on her and made sure she was eating well.

This photograph was taken in September 2012, at her home, a couple of months before she broke her hips twice and was transferred to a nursing care home in Madison. She took out a few tops and I chose this one for her. She found a matching earring and sat by the window, and smiled for me. I am glad I have this photograph to remember her by…in the condition that I want to remember her by – the beautiful soul that she is. Accompanied by the last words of “I love you too!”

Rest in peace, Marge. I love you very much.