Patric & Jessica | Wedding | Madison, IN

Last June, I had the honor to second shoot Patric and Jessica’s wedding in historic Madison, Indiana for Nina Campbell Photography. This has to be one of the most fun and emotion-filled wedding I’ve been to. And I must mention, very good looking bridesmaids and groomsmen, befitting the gorgeous wedded couple.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0053 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0054 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0052 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0005

This bride thought of every small details. Check out the earring!

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0056 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0006

The arrival of the flower girl added some cuteness overload to the salon.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0049 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0050 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0010 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0011 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0012 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0013 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0014 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0015 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0016 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0017 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0018 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0019 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0020 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0021 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0022 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0023 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0024

The grandfather’s reaction to seeing Jessica in her bridal gown was just priceless!

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0025 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0026 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0027 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0028 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0029 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0030 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0055 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0032 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0031 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0034 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0035 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0036 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0037 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0051 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0039 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0040 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0041

Patric and Jessica love to dance and entertain. Can you tell? Haha.


Jessica sharing a dance with her grandpa, thereafter it was the grandparents’ romantic dance, celebrating their anniversary. I have a grand weakness for old couples who stood the test of time.

Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0042 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0043 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0044 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0045 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0046 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0047 Madison_Indiana_Wedding_Photographer__0048

Primary shooter – Nina Campbell Photography
DJ – Sound Specialist FJ Entertainment
Ceremony – Calgary Baptist Church
Reception – The Madison Township Firehouse

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 2:07 AM

    Brian - great shots. looks like everyone had a great day. Congrats to the happy couple

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 3:51 AM

    Katie Brockpahler - Gorgeous! I love your attention to detail!! I am sure this couple was thrilled with their wedding photos!!

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 4:22 AM

    Patricia Knight - Congrats to Patric & Jessica! What a wonderful collection of images from their special day. Something to be treasured for a lifetime.

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 6:59 AM

    Lauren w - I think you captured every emotion! Great job!

  • 25 Sep ’14 - 10:36 AM

    Gary - Great pictures! You did a great job capturing the moment!

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