Jeffrey + Tyng Pt 1 | Wedding | LaPorte, IN

Hello again. This will be the first post of 2 parts for Jeffrey & Tyng’s reception. It was held at Jeffrey’s parents’ residence, or Little Sprout Farm as they call it. Tyng’s family flew in all the way from various parts of Malaysia. For me and my friend aka second photographer, Jenny, it was nice to be able to converse in our Penang Hokkien dialect. It sure took away any homesick blues I had.

This is a true blue DIY reception, where all the family members from both sides, young and matured (see how I made sure I selected the ‘right’ word here? Ha.) divided and conquered tasks required based on their area of expertise.

For example, Tyng’s siblings helped in hanging the paper lanterns inside the canopy. The Janas were busy in the kitchen preparing the glorious food, headed by Jeanie – the chef in the family. Her chef boyfriend, Adam, led the satay making task, equipped with peanut sauce. Uncle Frank was in charge of the fireworks, as the reception coincided with the Labor Day weekend. The children helped with the helium balloons.

From the lakeside, I could hear the putting of Uncle Joe and Joey’s, Jeffrey’s father and younger brother, John Deere tractors as they mowed the lawn. BTW, Joey also took charge of the music.

Being an ex-L’Oréal girl, Tyng did her own make-up and hair. I bought for her the Mrs Janas hanger, which paired well with her BCBG Max Azria cocktail dress.

With such profound showcase of family love collaborating together, I felt that I needed to be generous with the pictures shown so that you can have a better idea what a busy morning that was. Most importantly, I would also like to remind Tyng what I meant when I said she is one lucky girl to have her in-laws embraced her into the family the way they do, and likewise for Jeffrey.

As for Jeffrey and Tyng, they go together like peas and carrots, in their own quirky way.

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  • 18 Oct ’11 - 3:17 AM

    Tyng Kam - Yes, Jeff and I are very lucky to have family that loves us. Peas and carrots in our own quirky way??!?!?! I’d like to think of us like bacon and eggs – taste good on its own; but perfect when paired together 😛

  • 19 Oct ’11 - 8:43 PM

    Fong - Bacons & eggs are just as good. 🙂

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