Ceci + Michelle | Indianapolis, IN

“Sometimes you get lucky and finds a soul that grooves with yours.” – Anon

The quote above holds true in two ways for me.

One – it is how I would sum up Ceci and Michelle’s love. It’s evident in so many ways – from the way Ceci looks at Michelle when she teases her every other nano second, and the way Michelle would laugh when she’s around Ceci are enough body language to feel the depth of the love they both have for one another. What they have is real love, unsurpassed.

Two – it is how I feel about our 11-month friendship; except I found two souls that grooved with mine. Boooom! Double bonus! I can’t explain it, we just clicked from the minute I introduced myself at a wedding show, and like fine wine, our friendship just got better with time.

So cheers to you both, my darlings, on your upcoming wedding in 11 days!!! Can’t wait to be a part of the celebration!

Here are some of my favorite images from our engagement sessions in Columbus and Indianapolis. We started with a surprise proposal at The Commons (Michelle said yes obviously! Yay!) then we adjourned to a few places in the city and thereafter, to Indianapolis.

CeciMichelle_Engagement_0003 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0004 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0001 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0002



These guys were just awesome with their messages on the placards. CeciMichelle_Engagement_0008 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0009 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0010

CeciMichelle_Engagement_0011 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0024

CeciMichelle_Engagement_0013 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0015 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0014 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0016 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0017

CeciMichelle_Engagement_0021 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0027 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0018 CeciMichelle_Engagement_0022

  • 3 May ’16 - 8:16 PM

    Donna Beck - Gorgeous couple, love this engagement session! Beautiful work!

  • 3 May ’16 - 10:25 PM

    Taris Gonzalez - Those arw awesome

  • 13 May ’16 - 5:53 PM

    Janet Voorhees Bartlett - So beautiful to see two people so much in love. I wish the two of you the best life has to offer.
    Congrats Ceci and Michele on this special day and God bless!
    Janet Bartlett

  • 29 Jun ’16 - 11:56 AM

    Sourav Das - Good captures !

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