Ben + Katie | Greensburg, IN

“Every person is a new door to a different world.” – Unknown

I met Katie at a Women’s Defense Class, held at the YMCA in Batesville. She was in the same assigned group and at a few trials, was my partner where I get to “kick” and “pushed” her…all in the name of fun learning, of course. It was during the unclose “rough” moments, that I noticed her cute freckles, gorgeous Lake Como blue eyes and those natural curls. But it was the all encompassing quiet beauty of hers that got me to pick up enough courage to ask if she was keen to be a model for some personal work that I have in mind, to which she agreed after checking out this website and realized I’m legit. Ha! And Ben said yes to my extended invitation as well. So yay!

After one failed meet that involved a donkey and some poison ivy, we finally met on a rainy Sunday July morning at a old garment factory in Greensburg, IN. All the credit for the location goes to both Ben and Katie. I could not have found the most perfect location myself – I mean, and I’m sure you will agree, the light in there was just glorious! Here are my favorite images.

Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0010 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0009 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0011 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0021 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0007 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0017 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0019 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0015 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0016 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0003 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0020 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0013 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0004 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0014 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0002 Ben_Katie_Batesville_Greensburg_Wedding_Photographer_0008

  • 22 Aug ’14 - 6:47 AM

    Gary - Great composition! Love the light in the last picture. Well done!

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