In Loving Memory of Marjorie Olds (1923 – 2014) | Versailles, IN

“I’ll keep you in my heart, until we meet again.” – Cadir Lampe

Heaven opened its pearly gates this morning to welcome the arrival of a new angel, by the name of Marjorie Rose Olds.

Marge was one of the four “Golden Girls” that lived across the street from me. She lived alone as she was preceded in death by her husband and two children.

From the very beginning of my residency in Versailles, she welcomed me with her big heart and sincere friendship. In return, I would bake her cookies and share many dinners. Those gestures gave me enough excuse to check on her and made sure she was eating well.

This photograph was taken in September 2012, at her home, a couple of months before she broke her hips twice and was transferred to a nursing care home in Madison. She took out a few tops and I chose this one for her. She found a matching earring and sat by the window, and smiled for me. I am glad I have this photograph to remember her by…in the condition that I want to remember her by – the beautiful soul that she is. Accompanied by the last words of “I love you too!”

Rest in peace, Marge. I love you very much.